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Wolf Vehicle Covers are proudly made in the USA.
Some of the best reasons to buy a car cover are ones you might not even think about! Your vehicles cover can protect your vehicle from bumps and dings such as falling branches, tools being put on the vehicle and people walking by your ride. Protection from the effects of UV radiation.Your vehicles finish is exposed to a variety of aggressive environmental conditions. One of the worst is UV Radiation. UV Rays can cause significant damage to your vehicles finish by eroding gloss and adhesion and degrading the binders in paint. UV Rays can also damage the interior of your vehicle, causing cloth, vinyl, plastic and leather to fade and/or crack.

The Kimberly-Clark Block-It Fabrics have some of the highest ratings for Ultraviolet Protection available in car cover fabrics. The high loft and thickness of the fabrics combines with the unique chemistries of the fabrics result in great protection for your vehicle when it has to sit out in the sun  at work, at the airport, at the mall or in your driveway.

With over 80,000 distinct year, make, model and fabric combinations in the Wolf Automotive Custom-Fit Car Cover applications, we have worked hard to have the cover you need.

So please visit our look-up engine to locate your vehicles part number and if we dont have your vehicles pattern please let us know.
One of the strengths of a Water Resistant fabric is it protects from more than just water. Acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap and bird droppings all have the potential to seep through a fabric and damage your vehicles finish.

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As you compare the various fabrics for their strengths compare them to your region and climate. Choose a fabric that provides you the best protection for your environment.
When it comes to breathability there are a few things you need to know. First is the difference between breathability and waterproof.

You do not want a waterproof car cover! A waterproof car cover is not breathable. It traps the heat and moisture vapors between the cover and your paint which can damage the finish on your vehicle.

A breathable fabric allow excess heat and moisture vapors to flow through and escape into the open air. This breathability helps create a more constant and even temperature under your cover extending the life and value of your vehicles finish.
A new vehicle cover is an excellent way to protect the things outside your vehicle. But have you thought about the things on the inside of your vehicle. Things like your stereo, iPod, laptop or CDs. Thieves are looking for an easy target. They dont risk the extra few minutes it will take to take off a vehicle cover just to see what is inside it.

You know when your gear is out of sight you lesson the chances of your gear being stolen. Thats why you tuck it under a seat or throw your jacket over it when you get out. A cover is the easiest way to keep your gear out of site.

Add this to the protection you get from Mother Nature and you can rest a lot easier when you are away from your vehicle. Add a Wolf Cable Lock and you are protected even more.

A vehicles paint must provide years of beauty in an environment containing harmful substances like acids, alkalis, ozone and other destructive elements. Thats a big job for such a thing defense.

Using a car cover can protect your cars finish and its interior as well. It can assist in keeping harmful UV rays from degrading and cracking plastics and leather interior surfaces.

We offer two types of vehicle covers Which type do you need?
 Custom Fit
 Universal Fit

Custom Fit Covers
Follow the exact contour of the vehicle. Theyre designed based on the exact year, make and model of the vehicle and can accommodate modifications made to the vehicle or aftermarket accessories. The patterns are designed so that the cover protects the vehicles sheet metal. Custom fit covers are more tailored and will not move around in the wild as much as a universal fit cover.

Universal Fit Covers
Generic in shape and made to accommodate as many different styles of vehicles as possible. However, they are available in various sizes and lengths to cover a wide range of vehicles. These covers do not have mirror pockets, but their designs do allow space for most mirror styles.

In order to select the car cover fabric best suited to your individual needs, you must understand the difference in each fabric.

Noah  Superior protection against all weather conditions, dust, pollution and impact damage.
Evolution  great protection against weather, environment and impact. Best UV protection from harmful effects of the sun.
Dustop  Best indoor cover. Outstanding protection from dust and impact.
380F  Great combination of weather resistance and breathability
200  Great performance in a value priced custom-fit cover.

Wolf Custom-Fit car covers are precision manufactured using C.A.D. (thats computer Aided Design) and C.A.M. (computer controlled cutting of patterns), these high-tech operations  plus our stringent quality standards allow Wolf to provide you with an excellent fitting custom designed car cover at a value price.
Just because your car is in your garage, doesnt necessarily mean that it is completely protected. Lets face it, your garage holds lots of things besides your car. Things like kids toys, tools, items you are storing for a future use, even mundane things like a ladder. All of these things can fall, bump or be dragged against your car. But Wolf fabrics like Noah, Evolution and Dustop have built-in layers that offer great protection against nicks, dings and scratches.
There are grommets on both sides of the car cover. Wolf offers an optional cable and lock that the cover owner can order. This cable pulls the car cover snug and the lock secures it. Doing this prevents loss of the car cover and prohibits unwanted entry into the vehicle!

Q: Can a cover proven my vehicle from being stolen?
A: Yes  for one very simple reason. A thief wants to get into your vehicle, start it, and drive away as quickly as possible. As soon as a thief starts to make an entry, he is exposed. A vehicle cover takes a a few minutes to remove so the thiefs exposure time is increased. With so many cars uncovered, why would a thief increase the risk of being caught? A cover also helps protect the contents of a vehicle. When radios, packages and other items are out of sight, theyre less likely to tempt a thief.

Q: How can I make my vehicle more secure?
A: You can get the Wolf cable lock to go through the grommets in the middle of your vehicle cover. It comes in two lengths. 7ft for cars and compact trucks and 10ft for full size trucks and SUVs.

Q: A vehicle cover is rather large and takes up a lot of space in my trunk what can I do about this issue?
A: You can get the Wolf vehicle cover storage bag to help compact the size of the cover.

General ProtectionBlock-It 200 and Block-It 380
The General Protection line of Block-It fabrics offers durable protection at a value price. Constructed of three layers, general protection fabrics will provide excellent durability and help shield your vehicles interior from harmful UV rays.

General Protection fabrics will also help shield your vehicles finish from some exterior hazards such as nicks and dings and bird and tree droppings. Covers made of Block-It 200 or Block-It 380 provide general protection for your investment.

Specialty PerformanceNoah, Evolution, and Dustop Fabrics
The Specialty Performance line of Block-It fabrics offers a range of choices to protect your vehicle from specific hazards. Consider what you need to protect against  such factors as the climate of your region and the location of your parked vehicle  whether its on the street or in a garage, using four-layer construction. Specialty Performance fabrics are designed to protect against outdoor weather conditions and sunlight, or even from the stuff in your garage. Noah, Evolution, and Dustop will each provide specialty performance to suit your specific needs.

Would You Trust Mother Nature with Your Most Prized Possession?Protect Your Vehicle from Sun/UV Damage, Dirt, Dents, Dings, Scratches, Leaves, Sap, Dust/Pollution, Water/Rain, Condensation, Snow/Ice & Birds.

Learn How To Protect Your Vehicle from Mother Nature!

1) Just because your car is in your garage, doesnt necessarily mean that it is completely protected. lets face it, your garage holds lots of things besides your car. Things like kids toys, tools, items you are storing for a future use, even mundane things like a ladder. All of these things can fall, bump or be dragged against your car. But Wolf fabrics like Noah, Evolution and Dustop have built-in layers that offer great protection against nicks, dings and scratches.

2) A recent survey indicates that 80% of vehicle owners say their cars appearance is either somewhat important or very important to them. Survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of Kimberly-Clark Corporation

3) Many vehicle owners to to extremes of parking in the far corner of the parking lot or spending hundreds of dollars on special protective finishes and waxes, while ignoring one of the best defenses against the things that can damage your vehicle a cover.

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