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Covercraft Car Covers

About Covercraft:
In 1965, Covercraft was opened for business by Bob Lichtmann in Southern California San Fernando Valley. At that time, it was just a 2-man operation, manufacturing custom-patterned car covers for street rods, the import sports car market and aftermarket automotive parts suppliers. During its 50 years, Covercraft has grown to a team of over 400 employees and expanded into three manufacturing locations, with headquarters in historic Pauls Valley, 60 miles south of Oklahoma City. In four decades, the company has amassed a library of over 80,000 cover patterns and continues to add new applications daily. Covercraft pioneered the market for CUSTOM FIT vehicle covers and over the years has added programs for a wide variety of products for exterior and interior protection - seat protectors, front end masks, window heat shields and pet travel items. Covercraftsmanship has resulted in the company being certified to both TS16949:2002, a worldwide quality system standard, and ISO 14001, an environmental quality program. Still family owned, Covercraft has always maintained the highest standards, utilized the finest materials and remained on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology.....but its our people who assure we put Covercraftsmanship in everything we build!

Covercraft Car Covers
COVERCRAFT CAR COVERS SAVE WATER AND REDUCE POLLUTION Covercraft custom car covers can do much more than just protect your paint and interior, they can also conserve a precious resource: WATER! By using a car cover, your car, truck or SUV will stay cleaner and require far less washes to remain that way. Less soap and water will be sent into street drains, which many times run to a river or the ocean, causing more pollution. Using less water will not only conserve this valuable resource but also save you money! So its a win situation for you, your vehicle and the environment. Covercraft car covers offer several materials that prevent even the finest dust from penetrating to your vehicles surface. These materials also prevent acid rain, bird droppings, UV rays and general contaminants in the air from reaching your vehicles interior and exterior. With a library of over 75,000 import and domestic patterns, Covercraft car covers are custom tailored to fit your vehicle. They also have covers for motorcycles ATVs, RVs and personal watercraft. You can select the material which will provide the best vehicle protection for your area at CarCoverUSA, Inc.

Why a custom fit cover?
Universal and semi-custom covers had been around quite a while before Covercraft identified the market potential, and began catering to enthusiasts who wanted a more "perfect fit" for the cover being used to protect their pride and joy. Back in the 60's (in the last millennium), the most popular covers we made were for British and European sports cars and they were called "mittens". Today, custom covers are made for everything from kit cars to motorhomes, and we process orders for custom, made-to-dimension patterns every day. While outdoor fabric covers can be used indoors as well, their primary function is to provide protection from the elements when the vehicle is parked outdoors - UV, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. Different fabrics provide different degrees of protection. Use our fabric guide charts to select the fabric that is best suited to your needs. We have over 80,000 listings in our computerized pattern library and add new patterns every week. Your dealer or retailer can check our database and if the pattern is not currently listed, or if the pattern is special, we'll provide a dimension sheet which is easy to complete (our most popular dimension sheets can be downloaded from this web-site). The measurements you provide will be input in a CAD system that creates the custom pattern for your application. We can accommodate hood scoops, roll bars, grille guards, winches, you name it, we'll custom make the pattern to fit any vehicle.

Remember, if it has wheels, Covercraft can cover it!
If you have additional questions, send us an email and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

Car Cover & Truck Cover Dealer
Car Covers -- Dust, dirt, water, and road grime are all enemies to your vehicle's paint. But you can't avoid them all, even if you park in a garage. So what's the solution? A good-quality car cover is essential for protecting your investment, and a high-tech Covercraft car cover will pay for itself over and over again with the protection it provides your car or truck's finish. All car covers are not the same, however, and different CAR COVERS are best suited for different situations. A good custom-fit cotton car cover is a great way to protect a vehicle that's garaged most of the time. But if your car sits outside, whether in a carport or out in the open, you really need a car cover that's designed to repel water but still allow airflow through the car cover fabric. That's where Covercraft car covers come in to play. Covercraft is one of the leading manufacturers of premium car covers, car seat cover products and custom fit car covers. Covercraft car covers has patterns on file for more than 80,000 car covers, so you can bet there's one for your application, whether you need a Corvette car cover or a Kia car cover. So, consider how you store your vehicle, then select the type of car cover that best suits your situation from our huge selection. A custom car cover is a necessity if you want to keep your vehicle's finish looking good over the long term. After all, a car cover is a heck of a lot cheaper than a paint job.

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